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100% Quality

The quality results that Icoperfex Colombini is renowned for are the result of the care and attention to detail, the design, construction and assembly to obtain machines that are precise, essential, reliable, easy to run with considerable emphasis put on reducing energy consumption (Energy balance). A 100% quality therefore found at each stage of production and which is evident in the final results as well as in the Customer after-sales service, including by system of remote assistance and remote control of the grinders.

Icoperfex Colombini grinders use a cutting system which has been studied in great detail. All the research regarding cutting discs and their construction take place exclusively in-house: they are the heart and the “secret” of the machine.

The experience gained over these decades, especially in the field of grinding coffee and barley, have made it possible to develop multiple types of cutting discs depending on the type of product and its original characteristics, in order to guarantee “results in the cup” which are of the highest level and difficult to repeat with other methods.

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