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The company was set up in the immediate post-war period by its founder Angelo Colombini, as a mechanical workshop specialising in the automobile sector. During the 60s when the opportunity arrived to design and construct a new system for grinding coffee, the company decided to invest part of its resources into this new project and as the years went by more and more energy was given over to this direction until finally the automobile sector was completely abandoned: in the early 70s the Icoperfex brand was created at the instigation of Italo Colombini, son of the founder.
In the early 90’s the third generation also joined Icoperfex with the same enthusiasm for their work and the same desire to develop the company. To underline the generational continuity the Colombini brand was born, known today throughout Italy, in Europe and the World over as being synonymous with quality and precision.

In over 40 years Icoperfex Colombini has gained a thorough knowledge of the product and the sector. It has dedicated the best of its resources to designing grinders suitable for all production cycles, that drastically reduce the costs of lines and management and which always guarantee the highest quality and consistency of the grind.



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